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The Republic of Rwanda (pronoun-ced /ruːˈandə/, ruːændə, or rəwɑːndəin English, ɾwanda or ɾɡwandain Kinyarwanda is a unitary republic of central and eastern Africa.

It borders Uganda to the north; Tanzania to the east; Burundi to the south; and the Democratic Republic of the Congo to the west.
Rwanda is landlocked but is noted for its lakes, particularly Lake Kivu, which occupies the floor of the Rift Valley along most of the country's western border.
Although close to the equator, the country has a temperate climate due to its high elevation, with the highest point being Mount Karisimbi. The terrain consists of mountains and gently rolling hills, with plains and swamps in the east. Abundant wildlife, including rare mountain gorillas, have led to a fast-growing tourism sector.

The largest cities in Rwanda are Kigali, Rubavu, and Huye. Unlike many African countries, Rwanda is home to only one significant ethnic and linguistic group, the Banyarwanda. The country is well known for its native styles of dance, particularly the Intore dance, and for its drummers. Kinyarwanda, English and French are the official languages.

The earliest known inhabitants of the territory were the Twa people, who still live in Rwanda as a minority today. A series of further migrations took place, leading to a complex ethnic and social structure.

The Kingdom of Rwanda, initially a loose confederation, grew in importance from the 15th century to become the dominant civilization in the region, occupying an area beyond the present borders.

The territory was assigned to Germany by the 1884 Berlin Conference, as part of Ruanda-Urundi, with the first Western explorers reaching the country in 1894. After World War I, the territory was allocated to Belgium as a League of Nations mandate.

The German and Belgian regimes heavily favoured the country's Tutsis over the majority Hutus which led to tension between the two groups.
Belgium switched allegiance to the Hutus following a revolution in 1959 and the country became independent in 1962. The Tutsi-led Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF) invaded in 1990, sparking a three year Civil War.

In 1994 the president was assassinated, sparking the Rwandan Genocide.  The RPF quickly restarted their offensive, and eventually took control of the country.

Since the end of the Genocide, Rwanda has enjoyed political and social stability.
This has permitted the development of agriculture, roads, tourism, and mining industries. Nevertheless, large numbers of Rwandans live in poverty as subsistence farmers.
Power lies firmly in the hands of the president,
Paul Kagame, and the RPF, who have held a majority in parliament since 1994.
Rwanda is a member of La Francophonie and has recently joined the East African Community and the Commonwealth of Nations.

Rwanda has been declared as one of the safest, and cleanest countries in Africa.
The economy is growing fast and the investments from the foreign investors are growing every year.

By its natural beauty and the many touristic attractions, Rwanda is becoming a wanted destination for tourists all over the world.  

Mountain Gorilla with baby Intore Dansers Rwanda
Visit the Mountain Gorillas in their natural habitat.  Experiance the dance of the heroes
Nyungwe forest Rwanda Mutware The crazy elephant in Akagera Game Park Rwanda
  Visit Nyungwe, make the Canopy Walk, see the Chimps   Akagera Game Park, beautiful sceneries and lots of wildlife 
 Lake Kivu Rwanda  Colobus Monkey near Nyungwe Rwanda
 If you have seen one lake, you have ……..   NO WAY!!  And there are so many primates in Rwanda
 Birding in Rwanda  tea and coffee plantations in Rwanda
 Many species of birds in this small but breath taking country  Visit the tea/coffee platations and taste the difference
 Crystal view bar cocktail bar and restaurant Top Tower Hotel - Kigali  Nyungwe Forest Lodge - food in Rwanda
 Enjoy the big city and the luxury hotels, life its nightlife  Or …. find out why Tarzan does  not want to live in trees any more
 hotel malahide paradis at Lake Kivu - Rwanda  serena Rubavu pool at night
 Or enjoy the lazy break at one of Rwanda's beaches  Yes, there are still people who rather stay at home, why …?
 Play golf in Rwanda  cow dung paintings from Rwanda
 Ever talked to a friend who played some holes in Rwanda?  a traditional painting from Rwanda, made of ..cow dung!
 Climb the volcanoes in Rwanda  caving in Rwanda
  You want to be busy, go up the volconoes in Rwanda   Or go down into the caves of Rwanda
 scenery in Rwanda  go and fish the traditional way in Rwanda
 So many places where you can sit, look and write a poem.  Like to fish the traditional way? Its possible in Rwanda


Enjoy Rwanda

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