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Royale Villas Nyarutarama

Royale Villas Kigali Rwanda

Royale Villas can offer guests the privacy and comfort of their own home with the added twist of some tropical African sun, sand, and fun. Royale Villas is the perfect choice for family vacations, romantic getaways, or any type of leisure or corporate holiday.

bar and restaurant-Royale Villas Kigali RwandaFinding the perfect villa vacation for you is easy; just make your preferred bookings, along with your information and choice. You can then browse through our extensive services catalogue of luxury African vacation ideas tailored specifically for your needs.

Royal Villas Kigali Rwanda

we are located on the top of Nyarutarama hill, the number one luxury residential area, where u have a wonderful view of Kigali surrounding mountains,7km from Kigali International Airport,700m from MTN shopping center,300m from Kigali golf club,6km from Kigali city center, step in ROYALE VILLAS and experience the comfort that we made our passion.

Our Royal suite centers on an airy, open-plan living salon which has a pitched roof, bay windows, bar and dining area and leads to a kitchen and an en-suite double bedroom. Decor is light and relaxed, with wooden floors, pickled furnishings, cool fabrics and comfy sofas, characterized by some lovely period details: original tiles, and bathroom fittings; true in spirit.

our guests, stay in the luxury style rooms dotted around Great House. Couples and families also have the opportunity to book individual rooms during any of the selected weeks.



Royale VillasAccommodation services at Royale Villas are perfect for those seeking quality Vacation. the staff of Royale Villas will ensure that you never have to lift a finger and that you leave having enjoyed the holiday of a lifetime. Treat yourself like a star in our exquisite villa. Gaze at the sparkling Kigali night from your unmatched view.

Your upstairs bedroom has an open-air design and can be completely closed off to the rest of the house. Devote some time to yourself. Downstairs guests will be busy appreciating a view of Kigali city, with doors on all sides opening directly to the surroundings. Royale Villas offers everything you could ask for in a dream vacation.

Royale VillasBecause this exclusive villa is your own personal kingdom, and a beautiful, unspoiled tropical environment filled with exotic flowers, along with a first class staff dedicated to your comfort and enjoyment. Royale Villas match the vibrant nature that the people of Africa are known for.

Our vacation rentals are located on the country's most beautiful neighborhood, and most beautiful hills, combining seclusion and privacy with easy. our top priority is making sure you're 100% thrilled with your villa vacation, every step of the way.


Villa Features

Air-Conditioning, Bar, Business Facilities, Fireplace, Nyama Choma, African dishes, Satellite TV (DSTV & GTV), and wireless internet services.


Bar and Restaurant

Try the luxury Royal Villas Bar and Restaurant and have mind and body unwind effortlessly. Royale villas offers state of the art services to keep guests of all ages entertained. Taste African Dishes prepared by our chefs and experience the African taste.

We've got a dining experience that comes charging into your life. Everything's different here, You'll get used to the great people, the fresh food, the worldwide selection, the hunt for the new and unusual to tempt your palate, and the thrill of a wonderfully new taste sensation. Come along with us and share the dining adventure!

bar and restaurant-Royale Villas Kigali Rwanda

Taste African dishes the African way. Try our 'Ubugari' and you'll never forget the great taste. Try our extraordinary menu…where each dish is prepared just for you. Part of the adventure of dining is the extra taste you get from dishes that are made from scratch, just for you.

bar and restaurant-Royale Villas Kigali RwandaHow we do it is a calculated blend of culinary skills. And no matter how…you are the winner. Your dining adventure is just waiting for your arrival. At Royale Villas, we think you should take your dining adventures seriously. At the same time, we want you to have fun and still respect your life style choices… which may include low carb, low fat or vegetarian menu selections.

Try our cocktails. A cocktail is a style of mixed drink. Originally a mixture of distilled spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, the word has gradually come to mean almost any mixed drink containing alcohol.

A cocktail today usually contains one or more types of liquor and flavorings and one or more liqueurs, fruit juices, sugar, honey, water, ice, soda, milk, cream, herbs, bitters, etc.


Nyama Choma

Nyama Choma Royale Villas  Kigali RwandaRoyale Villas offers Nyama Choma (roasted meat)which features an innovative use of curry powder in a marinade. visitors could enjoy tasting grilled meats. Roasted meat is popular in Eastern Africa.

"Nyama Choma" means "roasted beef and goat meat" in Swahili and seems like general barbecue. However, the recent African BBQ has an open secret in ingredient and has gained a reputation for a African cultural cuisine.

"Nyama Choma" in Swahili means the roasted red meats over fired charcoal for a long time, which Massai tribe was used to eat grilled flesh or spareribs of cows and goats. The current "Nyama Choma" are quite different from original meats. The most important thing is the diversification of meats from livestock to wildlife.

The origin of "Nyama Choma" traced back to the history of the Massai. In the late first millennium AD, Massai eating BBQ immigrated to Massai Mara from North Africa to East. The nomadic people wandered with a herd of cows to look forward to grass and ground in lands. Otherwise, there were agricultural tribes bordered on Massai land – Kikuyu and Luo tribes to the north, and Chagga and Abugasi to the south and southwest. The farming tribes settled in lands to cultivate maize and corns.


Contact us:

Royale Villas

P.O.Box 4164
Kigali, Rwanda.

Tel:(+250) 0788300379/ 0783450292/ 0788305141
Email: info@royalevillas.rbo.rw
web: http://www.royalevillas.rbo.rw

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