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Chez Lando Hotel



Chez LandoWelcome to Hotel Chez Lando, your first window to Rwanda. At Chez Lando, we apply the tradition of Rwandan hospitality to the needs of modern travelers; we cater to the smallest detail of your stay. Our quaint garden-style hotel is located just five minutes from Kigali International Airport and is right on the way to the heart of town.
Hotel Chez Lando was built by Lando and Hélène Ndasingwa in the mid-eighties. It was created with a vision to provide a quality environment where people of all social and economic backgrounds could meet to conduct business or simply mingle and have a good time. It was built on a stretch of grassy land along the main road to the only international airport in the country, long before the neighborhood became the bustling Remera commercial center it is today.

The hotel was partially destroyed during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda but the spirit of the founders prevailed, prompting Lando's siblings to take over, rebuild and expand. Hotel Chez Lando is managed today by Lando's sister, Anne-Marie Kantengwa. Hotel Chez Lando's daily and prolonged happy hours in the grill area have become a must for after-work relaxation for anyone living in, or visiting Rwanda.

The miracle of reconstruction

  • Hotel Chez Lando is opening its 40 new rooms where comfort and light meet blossoming flowers. The new addition architecture blends its environment, stylish and modern, matching the new face of Rwanda.
  • Hotel Chez Lando brings past and future closer up to the juncture where remnants of old bricks and new ones embrace.
  • Hotel Chez Lando has a style that happily marries history and memory in a special tribute to its founders: Lando Ndasingwa and Helen Pinsky.
  • Hotel Chez Lando today offers a total of 82 rooms where life is good; where locals and visitors from everywhere feel at home.
  • Hotel Chez Lando wants to be a mosaic of culture and colors, where simplicity and warm hospitality are offered in rare moments of enjoyment.
  • Hotel Chez Lando faithful customers are the reason behind staff and management renewed commitment to excellence in customer care: we thank you!
  • Hotel Chez Lando has 82 quaint rooms with individual patios. Whether you stay in one of our bungalow style villas or in the main building with views of the gardens or of the rolling hills of Kigali – you will feel at home and surrounded by beauty.

Our pavillion which offer a class of art accomodation gives you a snap on the Rwanda hospitality.
Bungalows especially for travellers and consultants looking for a quite place to work from. Between 6AM and midnight, Hotel Chez Lando offers free shuttles to and from the airport for hotel guests.

Minibuses and private cars are the established form of transport. Hundreds of Rwandans ride minibuses everyday and they offer convenient transport along major routes. They are privately owned and do not operate on a schedule. Stop at any bus stop and one will likely come by in minutes. The fare is only 150 RWF to any destination in Kigali.

Motorcycles are the second least expensive way to get around. They are used by business people and locals alike and are a thrilling way to see to Kigali.

If you are looking to travel in more comfort then you may ride in a conventional private taxi which can be hailed from virtually anywhere in Kigali. It is also advisable to ask about fares before hand though these normally charge about 7$ per hour.

Every room has a private patio and beautiful views of our expansive gardens. We offer 2 restaurants to choose from, a popular local dance club, a children’s playground and business center with internet connection and printing. Enjoy the serenity and privacy of your quarters, tucked away in a remote area of the Chez Lando gardens, or step into the social life of our popular dining and dance areas.

Chez Lando

Each room comes equiped with:

  • color TV with 6 international channels via satellite,
  • telephone,
  • hot shower and bath,
  • comfortable beds,
  • daily maid service,
  • a refrigerator.

On the premises you will have access to:

  • a business center with computer, e-mail, printer and copy machine,
  • a high speed wireless internet connection within the hotel
  • our reputable French Restaurant, “La Fringale”, with views of bustling street life,
  • our popular outdoor restaurant/barbeque with a fabulous grill, bar, pool table and TVs,
  • a children’s playground with colorful swings and rides.

Hotel Chez Lando offers two dining style choices: the Chez Lando barbecue grill or La Fringale French restaurant. African specialty dishes are available with a 1 day advance notice.

La Fringale Restaurant

La Fringale is an alternative to the spiced up food and conversation of the grill. It offers more formal dining for couples or business groups that need privacy. On the menu are a variety of old La Fringale favorites such as pepper steak, chicken cordon bleu, peanut sauce chicken steamed in banana leaves, four seasons pizza, Rwandan vegetarian plate and even club sandwiches for a light fare. The wine list includes a good selection of South African and French wines. Desserts feature local fruit sorbets, pineapple sauce crepes and ice cream.

Chez Lando Grill

The Chez Lando barbecue meeting place is a must for anyone living in Rwanda, or just visiting. We offer delicious Rwandan specialties such as goat brochettes, herb-stuffed tilapia fish or Chez Lando grilled chicken. Whether you choose to sit in the private bungalow-style dining areas or to be a part of the scene in the open-air patio, Chez Lando barbecue offers a unique experience in an atmosphere of friendliness and fun.

Chez Lando

B.P. 1519
Kigali – Rwanda


+250 0252584394
+250 0252589804
+250 0252584328
+250 0252582050

Fax: +250 0252584380

Email: info@chezlando.com

Web: http://www.hotelchezlando.com

Enjoy Rwanda

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