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Amataba Eco Village



Our Chambres d'hôtes is situated in Eastern Province, Ngoma district, Sake sector, only 1h30 minutes from Kigali, the capital of Rwanda.

amataba eco village

We are located between 2 beautiful lakes: Sake and Mugesera. We provide a tranquil respite from the stresses of the normal life.
Every effort has been made to make our place as ecologically sound as possible.

Visitors can explore the area by car or by boat and enjoy the nature of the paradise lake Mugesera.

amataba eco village

What is our concept?

We run a family business, where you are our guest. We offer you a room with salon and bathroom. You can either choose a private terras or even a private garden. In the evening we offer you a full meal, consisting of an apero, starter, main dish and dessert. (you can choose from 2 menus)
A full breakfast is served in the morning. Normally all guests have dinner together to enjoy eachothers company, but if you wish you can have a private table. During the day, we offer snacks and drinks.

We only work by reservation.

Rooms and rates

amataba room

Rooms, including breakfast: $ 75.00
Child < 12 years old: $ 20
We also offer a spacious a traditional round house: $ 120 dollar per night, including breakfast

We only accept casch payment (Euro, Dollars or Rwandese Francs).


boot trip lake Mugesera

  • Fishing, 
  • cycling, 
  • boat trip in Mugesera Lake, 
  • visit mountains around, 
  • visit Rwandese colonial second- church in Rwanda ( at Zaza), 
  • Go to Tanzania Border (Rusumo water falls) only 1h30 from Amataba Eco Village
  • Birds watching at Lake Mugesera etc….
  • enjoying our garden, enjoying great food, be pampered by Jenny with a relaxing massage etc….
  • Make your own barbecue etc….

Eco village in Sage

You are welcome

The best way to make a reservation is by phone. So you are sure that your room will be ready upon arrival. If you want, we can arrange transport, or pick you up at the airport.

map to amataba

Sake, Eastern province, Ngoma
tel: +250 (0) 787 55 16 830 

web: Amataba eco Village
e-mail: reservations@amataba-eco-village.com (maybe this e-mail is not functioning!!)

Enjoy Rwanda

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