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The Safari Partners (CA)


The Safari Partners was born out of a love for what we believe to be the most fascinating continent in the world: Africa. It is our goal to help fulfill the dreams of our travellers in creating the perfect safari vacation for them.

We are dedicated to providing the most authentic African travel experiences available. Whether your ideal African dream holiday includes a hot air balloon safari over the Serengeti at dawn, a dive on the colourful coral reefs off Zanzibar in the warm Indian Ocean, whitewater rafting down the mighty Zambezi River at Victoria Falls, gazing upon the clear, starry sky in the Namib Desert or following the wildebeest migration across the endless plains of the Masai Mara.

By embarking on an adventure with us, our guests also become part of our dream to integrate international travellers and rural people to their mutual benefit and to demonstrate that wildlife can be conserved on a sustainable basis by all. We believe that our heritage of wild land and animals should be recognised as one of our most precious natural resources.

We understand that each client seeks a unique experience that will be one they can cherish for years to come. With this in mind we take enough time with our clients to understand their needs and dreams, an essential step in matching the right trip with the right traveller.

Built on experience within Africa and an understanding of what our clientele seeks, we source and offer some of the most exciting travel options available.

Come discover our Africa.

Social Responsibility

Social responsibility is a key component of how The Safari Partners operates.   The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of the people and the land that affords us such great safari opportunities.   A portion of every holiday we sell goes towards the betterment of the people we visit through our Give Back to Africa foundation. Read more about our social responsibility policies in our Giving Back section of our website.

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Giving back

Social responsibility is a key driver in how The Safari Partners operates.   The ultimate goal is to improve the lives of the people and the land that affords us such great safari opportunities.

Local Investment

An important part in consideration of the safaris experiences we offer to our clientele is how much money is re-invested in the places we visit. From employing local people such as guides and staff, to seeking out lodges and camps that are owned locally or even in a community partnership, to chartering and utilizing local vehicles wherever possible, the goal remains the same, to leave as much money in the local economy as possible.   Doing so ensures that the local people see as much benefit as possible from monies distributed through tourism.

Monitoring Our Partners

We ensure that our partners follow the best environmental and social practices on the ground, leaving as little impact on the environment and the people as possible. We carefully select the companies we do business with based partially on how they respect the local culture and land. For this reason, you may not find that we are the most affordable option for you to visit Africa, but doing so allows us to take comfort in the knowledge that your holiday will be conducted in a responsible way.

Client Education

Often overlooked, but an essential component, is client education. Both before you depart and while on safari you will be briefed on how best to respect not only the environment, but also to respect the beliefs and customs of the local people. Our clients are important to us, but so are preserving the experience for others to enjoy for years to come, so we ask that all travelers embrace the education and act respectful wherever we travel.





One percent of all sales of our safaris is set aside for water, education and health projects.










Enjoy Rwanda

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