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GLOBAL CONNECTION – Where two cultures unite and speak through the heart….


When we, Hans and Maaike van Dam, went on safari in Tanzaniain March 2006, we crossed paths with a young guide, Silver Mmassy, who, over time, has had a huge influence on the rest of our lives. It was not only his knowledge of the English language, but particularly his sociable character and his vast knowledge of the wildlife in Tanzaniawhich was something we noticed immediately. He was also an expert driver whom we felt comfortable with in the car.


We agreed with Silver, then still working for a large tour operator, to keep in touch through email. This is how our contact grew and when Maaike and I decided to marry in May 2007, Silver was invited as our special guest. He left East Africafor the first time and stayed with us for a month. It was a fantastic experience for him in a country below sea level, where you can moor a boat on a canal in your back garden, where a road goes straight over a large lake and there are no donkeys or cows on the roads.


Silver became one with our family, next to our 4 children. We agreed to take our family on holiday to Tanzaniain July 2008. On the one hand, to introduce the Safari world of Tanzaniato our children and, on the other, to meet Silver’s family and get acquainted with life in Africa. Through meeting the whole Mmassy family we were able to experience how social and business like these people are. They are real Chagga, the entrepreneurs of Tanzania. Because of the special friendship and trust that had developed, the idea arose to do something together in Tanzania. Silver is an active type, honest and social, a good base on which to start. The first step was to purchase a piece of land just outside Arusha.


When we decided to build a motel there, the time was right to start a small company. This is how Global Connection Ltd. came into being and our motel Paradise View was built on the side of MountMeru. The name Global Connection interprets precisely what we want to bring into practice, to be able to connect people worldwide. This could start through organising a safari trip for tourists but also through Global Connection, or other companies in Tanzania, getting in touch with companies from all over the world. In the meantime the first important contacts have been made and preparations are underway for further developments.


At this time, we are in may 2010, we have 3 Landcruisers and a Nissan on the road for our own clients or to lease to colleague tour operators. Besides the Safari business we started different other activities. We have 15 Tuktuk's in Dar es Salaam which are used as taxi. Middle of June we will also start our own Vocational Training Centre, of which you can read more on this website. We will give the opportunity to the local people

to get a training for a reasonable price. We will teach Wildlife, Birding studies, Hotelmanagement, Driving School, English and Swahili lessons. For all of this we expect many students, who will be guided by highly skilled, professional teachers.

Next to the inbound Safaris into Africa, we will start outbound safaris from Africa to Europe and Asia, where we have good contacts who can organize a fantastic Holiday for our future African clients. Also we are starting up Medical Tourism, where people in high need of an operation can bring a visit to an Indian hospital and spend some weeks holiday in India for a relaxing period.


Alongside the business, we would like to fulfil a cultural and social role in the area. We have the idea to support the orphanages in Mto wa Mbu, and create a shelter where we can offer them a safe haven and hopefully employment. Most orphans who stay in these places are AIDS orphans, there parents died of AIDS, and often they are HIV infected themselves as well. We are hoping for local and international support to realise this project and we wish everyone a warm welcome to this beautiful country….


Karibu Sana,


Hans & Silver

Global Connection Ltd



We now offer combination safaris with Tanzania and Rwanda as well.



Holland Office:

Hans van Dam
skype: maasaihans
e-mail: info@globalconnectionsafaris.nl
Tel:06 17 44 35 13
Zuiderweg 4
1734 JK Oude Niedorp
The Netherlands

Tanzania Office:

Silver Edward Mmassy
+255 (0)754 559547
skype: globalconnectiontz@yahoo.com

PO. Box 11687
Arusha, Tanzania

Israel Office:

Tzafrir Haichis
Web: www.gotour.co.il

Gotour (c/o Progress Tours)
Tel: 972-3-9058813/00
Fax: 1533-9058813




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