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Disabled Accessible Travel (SP)

Disabled Accessible Travel


Barcelona based Disabled Accessible Travel are specialists in travel services to the disabled offering AIRPORT TRANSFERS in wheelchair and scooter accessible vehicles of various sizes.
Disabled Accessible Travel also offers
booking services for HOTEL ACCOMMODATION with ADAPTED and ACCESSIBLE ROOMS (contact us directly for hotel information, dat@disabledaccessibletravel.com 

Disabled Accessible Travel offers travel services to groups with disabled persons, or only able-bodied persons in particular Univercity and College groups travelling to Europe.
Disabled Accessible Travel offers travel services for accessible vacations, accessible tours, accessible Mediterranean cruise shore excursions, and accessible airport transfers in Spain – Barcelona, Palma Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga, Madrid; Portugal & Madeira; Italy – Rome (Civitavecchia), Naples, Florence & Pisa (Livorno); France – Nice (Villafranche), Lorient, Toulon.

We are able to offer tours and services in most European countries.
Contact us with your preference and we will provide a quote within a seven day period.
Tours available include those using Gondolas (Venice), river boats (France), personal transport, all with a guide or driver/guide. English is the normal prefered language for tours in Europe with other languages available on request for non-English speakers.

Argentina is one of the most popular destinations offered by Disabled Accessible Travel. Argentina offers a wide diversity of options for the disabled visitor and the city of Buenos Aires has a published guide regarding accessible restaurants and other facilities of interest.

An African safari is surely high on the ‘must do’ list of anyone who loves to travel and Kenya is particular provides a wonderful opportunity to enjoy a safari in comfort and safe in the knowledge that tours and accommodation facilities are all accessible.

The jewel in the crown of Disabled Accessible Travels adventure portfoliois a journey to the jungle to sit and observe Silverback Gorillas in their natural habitat. By their nature adventure travel does not necessarily mean you will enjoy all the personal facilities we usually provide. 

Vietnam is a country of mystery for most yet is full of histrical treasures not to be missed when travelling to this exiting destination.  All tours offered by Disabled Accessible Travel are provided on a private excursion basis and therefore prices are for individual groups.
Disabled Accessible Travel only offer tours that are considered to have a high level of accessibility and transport that meets the level of access and adaptation we require for the comfort of our guests. Accessible travel and tours are available as Half Day and Full Day options or shorter cruise shoreside excursions when in the Mediterranean (Disabled

Accessible Travel also offer shoreside excursions worldwide, contact us for details.
The only exception regarding accessibility norms is for all adventure related tours where standards will vary.


D A Travel – Disabled Accessible Travel Services, place your world in our hands,
Telephone +34 60 59 18 769 
Office Hours 10:00 to 13:00 and 18:00 to 22:00 Monday to Friday – note that we operate GMT + 2 (BST)
Email dat@disabledaccessibletravel.com

web: www.disabledaccessibletravel.com

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