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Welcome to Project Umubano from Stephen Crabb MP

We're at an exciting stage in preparation for this year's Project Umubano, the Conservative Party's social action project in Rwanda and Sierra Leone. I'd like to take the opportunity to explain a bit more about the Project.

For the last four years, a large number of Conservative volunteers have travelled out to Rwanda and Sierra Leone each July to join Project Umubano. MPs, Ministers, lawyers, nurses, business people, teachers and students have funded their own visit to help build a lasting legacy in Africa. Since 2007 more than 230 volunteers have participated in Project Umubano and many choose to return each year to continue the work they have been doing. 
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 The Lawrence Barham Memorial Trust (LBMT) was named after Bishop Lawrence Barham, who worked for 40 years in Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.
LBMT is a UK Registered Charity (No. 291459) and has been operating in East Africa since 1985. LBMT supports the work of the Anglican Church in Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. The Trust aims to assist the church in promoting the Christian faith and to do this by helping to meet spiritual, physical and intellectual needs of people in East Africa, in the context of their own culture and ways.



Rwandese Community Association UK (RCA) is the organization that represents and promotes the interests of Rwandans resident in the United Kingdom. It was founded over 19 years ago by a few Rwandans who were then living the UK. The Association has since grown strong owing to the increasing number of Rwandans in the UK. 

The Association is determined to continue to seek opportunities for all Rwandans in the UK, and to support development efforts in Rwanda.


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