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UWAF believes that the best investment for Africa’s future is in its children: the future change makers. We therefore seek to support successful primary school graduates who have achieved excellent academic results and require financial assistance in order to attend secondary school. The organization gives special consideration to under privileged children and girls.


Samen voor een betere wereld. Stichting Samen in Actie helpt mensen in Afrika door ze te voorzien van basisbehoeften: drinkwater, educatie, veilig leefomgeving en economische ontwikkeling. Wij steunen vrouwen zodat zij de strijd aangaan vóór sociale gerechtigheid en tegen het maatschappelijke onrecht dat zij ervaren. Als informatiepunt in Nederland zetten wij ons hart en ziel in voor een betere samenleving. Voor economische investeringen zijn de brugbouwer tussen Europa en Afrika. 


Bon Berger – Bonberger enables Rwandan people to have a new family, a roof above their heads and gives them a source of income. In turn, they themselves have to share their resources, time and gained knowledge with others.

Creating Knowledge of Sharing Culture

What then does it mean to create a Knowledge Sharing Culture?” Well it’s about making knowledge sharing the norm. To create a knowledge sharing culture you need to encourage people to work together more effectively, to collaborate and to share – ultimately to make organisational knowledge more productive. But we need to remember a few things:

  • We are talking about sharing knowledge and information – not just information.
  • Te purpose of knowledge sharing is to help an organisation as a whole to meet its business objectives. We are not doing it for its own sake.
  • Learning to make knowledge productive is as important if not more important than sharing knowledge. BONBERGER is in  “knowledge management is as ability to act on the knowledge they possess
  • Changing a culture is tough.but sharing Rwandese people were born with it.it means seeing the world in a different way. It means acceptance each other is “knowledge of power of love"

We are told by many of our parents to encourage knowledge of sharing, I don’t believe you can make people share by overtly rewarding them. We are not laboratory pigeons. Stimulus-response does not work in complex systems. Human beings are motivated by more than just money.

Africa Products Shop

is The Netherlands registered company for promoting the fairtrade of Africa products in Europe by making them accessible on European market and for the fair price. Though this initiative we support the African small producers and we share with you the taste of Africa products. A wide range of African products are available: arts, crafts, clothes, coffee, thee and other products.
Your order supports the fair trade which is the best strategy for poverty alleviation and sustainable development in poor countries. By selling these products we create jobs opportunities for producers who have been economically disadvantaged or marginalized by the conventional trading system.


Ifoza Foundation was founded in 2011 by a group of friends,with the sole purpose of giving back and eradicating poverty in Eastern Africa. We plan to achieve this by providing educational and trainning opportunities.
We truly believe that, problems in Africa can best be solved by Africans themselves. They know their environment better than anyone. Hence, they are in a better position to form solutions tailored for problems facing their socities.
In addition, we hope the education and trainning opportunities organised by us, will be a catalyst for the youth to work harder and fulfill their potential, which is the ultimate goal of Ifoza Foundation.
Our target group is Eastern Africa, that is Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi. However, we are not yet established and are just getting started. Hence we plan to get started in Tanzania, and expand our operations depending on the availability of funds and resources.
For our first project, we plan to start working with educational institutions in Ifakara. We want to enable as many students as possible to attend secondary school irrespective of their financial situation

Ambalahaye – The Rwandan Embassy in The Netherlands



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