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Please put a link on your website refering to Enjoy Rwanda.

Free advertising? Is that possible?

Yes! It is!

What are the rules?

  • Your business is in Rwanda, or without any doubt connected to Rwanda
  • You have to put an easy to find return link on your own website, preferable using one of our logo's from this page. (The link can be to your own advertisement on our page.)
  • As of 2016 it is possible to get a page (advertisement) on our website without using the return link. Instead you have to pay a small annual fee. (Our price list will be available soon.)
  • We are not allowing pages that might offend our public!
  • We decide to grant a page or not – no discussion allowd.
  • Of course we understand that you are curious about the number of visitors for Enjoy Rwanda. Please have a look here: Visitor stats Enjou Rwanda as you can it is not so bad! So please join us! Benefit from the visits to our website.
  • Do you want some special attention? Lets discuss the possibilities by e-mail.


Down here you find the possible return links, and please use the text down here in combination with one of the logos::

"Enjoy Rwanda, THE Online Travelguide for Rwanda!" :



Enjoy Rwanda, THE Online Travel Guide for Rwanda!


Enjoy Rwanda, THE Online Travel Guide for Rwanda!



Enjoy Rwanda, THE Online Travel Guide for Rwanda!



Or you can just use one of the logo's or a simple text link to our website, like.

Enjoy Rwanda – The online travel guide for Rwanda.

Enjoy Rwanda

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