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Rutsiro District (WP)

Rutsiro DistrictRutsiro district is located in the Western Province and lies on the Congo Nile Crest. Rutsiro features many tourism attractions on the shores of Lake Kivu, with several Islands, tea and coffee plantations, two protected natural forests and the top of the famous Congo Nile crest. The area is also known for having the second biggest inhabited Island (Bugarura) on the Rwandan side of Lake Kivu.
Rutsiro lies in a mountainous region. The capital town which is known as Congo Nil is situated in Gihango sector and 5 Kms from the crest top.
Rutsiro district is very well suited for mountain sport, Trekking/Hiking and biking trail.
While in Rutsiro district you will enjoy its diversity of unique attractions like Lake Kivu islands, birding, scenic views on Lake Kivu, coffee and tea plantations, Gishwati natural forest and several historical sites.

Rutsiro key tourism products:

  • Coffee and Tea route experiences
  • Gishwati natural forest (trails & chimps)
  • Lake Kivu Islands tours

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