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Kamembe Sector

Natural attraction

The Rusizi River

Rusizi RiverThe Ruzizi River flows from Lake Kivu to Lake Tanganyika in Central Africa, descending rapidly from about 1,500 meters above sea level to about 770 meters above sea level over its length.

At its southern end, the Ruzizi Plain has only gentle hills, and the River flows into Lake Tanganyika through a delta. Its overall length is 117 km (73 miles), although southern overflow of Lake Kivu may have ceased for 2000 years between 8-6 ka.

It delineates the southern border of Rwanda with the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and, along with Lake Tanganyika; it forms the border between the DRC and Burundi.

Natural site with big tourism potential especially for canoeing competitions and bird watching

GPS position: Longitude 02° 29.513’ S / Latitude 028° 53.553’ E



Historical attraction

King Musinga memorial tree 

King Musingas memorial treeMemorial place of King Musinga’s departure, exiled by Belgians colonialist in 1931 to the Democratic Republic of Congo,

Yuhi Musinga ya Ndahiro reined over the Rwandan kingdom from 1895 to 1931, he died in Moba, a small southern Congolese town in 1944.

 The place is indicated by a big fig tree and a statue with the head of a lion. 

Situated in front of the Kamembe post office, the site is easily accessible, well protected and has potential for cultural & heritage tourism.

GPS position: Longitude 02° 28.960’ S / Latitude 028° 53.698’ E



Recreational attraction

The Kamembe fishing project

Kamembe fishing projectSituated on Lake Kivu shores, the Kamembe fishing is a private managed project, which proposes recreational tourism activities such as fishing experience, Lake Kivu island boat tour, cultural dance and Island community based tourism.   

The site is well located one km from the Rusizi River and 3 kms from the Kamembe city center. 

GPS position: Longitude 02° 28.737’ S / Latitude 028° 53.925’ E



Hotel du Lac

hotel du Lac --- Rusizi RiverSituated on the Rusizi Riverside, this private owned Hotel provides accommodation facilities, conference facilities, an open bar and swimming pool just behind the Rusizi one immigration office.

The site offers a scenic view on the Rusizi River.   

The site is well located 4 km from the Kamembe city center. 

GPS position: Longitude 02° 29.542’ S / Latitude 028° 53.560’ E

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