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Institude of National Museums of Rwanda – Rates

a. Admissions
Nationals and visitors from EAC & CEPGL:
–– Pupils and students: 500F.
–– Adults: 1000F.
International visitors
–– Pupils and students: 3000 frw/US $6
–– Adults residents: 5000F/US $10
–– Adults non residents: 6000F/US $12

b. Photographs video
–– Wedding: 20,000F
–– Museums attractions e.g. gardens/traditional house, etc.: 2,000F

c. Hiring for wedding & parties
–– Museum gardens photos inclusive without tents: 50,000F (100,000F for Kanombe)
–– Museum gardens(photos inclusive) with tents: 100,000F (250,000F for Kanombe)
–– Films and documentaries: 50,000F per day

–– Visitors with extra needs (Cultural activities interactions in INMR training center): negotiable
–– Visit more than 2 museums, 20 discount. Valid for a week
–– Wedding and parties beyond 8 pm, price negotiable
–– A group of 20 or more students pay 300/person

Enjoy Rwanda

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