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Rwanda Tea Authority

OCIR-THE is a government parastatal established by Law No 49/2006 of 05/10/2006 which gives it a financial autonomy but still answerable to MINAGRI for all it’s activities. Its Vision is to develop itself into a globally competitive tea industry by adding value to it’s quality products ultimately aiming at macro-economic stability and poverty alleviation in the country.

It’s core values will always hinge on surpassing customer expectations by continuously supplying high quality teas, providing unequalled technical and financial support to all stake holders, upholding transparency, honesty, trustworthiness and general integrity in dealing with all stakeholders. We should always contribute to poverty alleviation through job creation as we remain sensitive to issues affecting the communities we serve.

As a mission, OCIR-THE is charged with the responsibility of producing and supplying high quality teas to both local and international markets, It also oversees the smooth and orderly functioning of the tea industry through policy guidance, certification and teatrade development.

The functions still remain, but are liable to change with time, promotion and supply of high quality teas both locally and internationally, participation in elaboration of policies and strategies for the tea sector and follow up of their implementation, setting up of quality standards and issuing certificates of origin for all tea exports as well as fostering favorable working environment between all stake holders. Collaboration in the promotion and development of the tea sector and research and extension services are also part of it’s functions.

Our Address

Office du The
P.O Box: 1344- Kigali Rwanda
Email: info@rwandatea.com


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