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School of Foundation Language Skills – SFI

This school aspires to be the School of excellence in language and communication skills in Rwanda and in the whole region. It assists the National University of Rwanda students and staff to overcome language challenges in their daily deliverables. It helps students to effectively follow their academic programmes without any language impediments. It also helps university staff to teach and carry out administration work without language barriers.

The school specifically assists the government of Rwanda in implementing the new language policy whereby the only language of instruction in all levels of education is English. It therefore offers English language training to people from different institutions and sectors in English language at certificate level to nurture the effective use of English language in Rwanda.

Communication has been proven to spearhead any developmental endeavour. To cope with the new trends in sustainable development, learn to effectively communicate, streamline your language skills with the School for Foundation Language Skills at the National University of Rwanda !

Ildephonse KERENI


Description of the School

The School for Foundation Language Skills is one of different academic units of the National University of Rwanda. It was founded in 1970, but it only operated for 3 years, i.e. up to 1973, then it weakened and vanished. The idea to re-establish the school came up at the very beginning of the 1994-1995 academic years after adopting a bilingualism policy in Rwanda and making English a medium of instruction besides French.

In the same context, when it reopened in 1995, the National University of Rwanda experienced language-related problems since one part of the students and lecturers was exclusively Anglophone another being Francophone.

Thus, to cope with this problem, the university in common agreement with the Rwandan Government re-opened the School of Modern Languages (EPLM) which eventually acquired the name of the School for Foundation Language Skills. Its primary mission was to prepare NUR students in taking up their courses in both French and English.

However, the mission of the school changed in early 2008 with the new national language policy that made English the only medium of instruction. Thus, the school is currently operating to help NUR students achieve an advanced level of English language proficiency in both oral and written expression.

Contact Details:

School of Foundation Languages Skills
Huye District
P.O.Box 117 Butare
Rwanda – East Africa
Tel: + 250 0252 530 849
Fax: +250 0252 530 121/210

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