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Faculty of Science – FPS

We enrol students both at undergraduate and graduate level. Our program prepares students for the award of Bachelor’s degree in Applied mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Geography, and Physics. We also have a Masters degree in Biodiversity Conservation, and Applied Mathematics.

At the Faculty of Science we aim at contributing to the prosperity of students on the Rwandan, regional and world scene. This is through enhanced teaching that gives hands on experience to our students in areas of learning, research, and community involvement as clearly streamlined in the university’s mission statement. In working towards this mission, we aspire to be internationally recognized for excellence in teaching and among the leaders in the field of science, thus providing an interdisciplinary connecting science education and research.

Have you been wondering where to build your career in Sciences, come study with us at the Faculty of Science of the National University of Rwanda!

In 1974 a centre for study and experimentation of energy in Rwanda was created within the Faculty of Sciences. It became autonomous since 1977.


Dean of Faculty

About us:

The Faculty of Science has 5 Departments: Biology, Chemistry, Applied Mathematics, Physics and Geography.

Undergraduate Programmes:

All the above-mentioned departments offer the teaching programmes of the Bachelor’s degree.

  •     Biology, with 3 options: Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology.
  •     Chemistry, with 2 options: Bioorganic Chemistry, Environmental Chemistry.
  •     Geography, with 2 options: Urban and Regional Planning, Planning and Environment (Aménagement et Environnement).
  •     Applied Mathematics.
  •     Physics.

Postgraduate Programmes:

The Faculty of Science has already started the Master’s Programme in Applied Mathematics (June 2008), and plans to start MSc in Biology, in Chemistry, in Physics and Geography starting from 2010.

Present Research Programmes:

♦ Main field of research/ training

  • Natural products and crop science (Biology, Chemistry)
  • Environmental science (Biology, Chemistry, Geography, Physics)
  • Applied Mathematics (Mathematics)

♦ Minor field of research/ training

  • Animal/ Plant/ Molecular Biology (Biology)
  • Human Geography (Geography)

♦ Planned field of research/ training

  • Bioprocessing and Biotechnology(Biology, Chemistry)
  • Conservation Biology(Biology)
  • Physical Mathematics(Physics, Mathematics)
  • Material Sciences(Physics)
  • Renewable Energy, Energy Systems (Physics)

Contact us:

Campus Address at Huye  
National University of Rwanda
Faculty of Sciences

Phone: 250 (0) 252 530849
Fax:+ 250 (0) 252 530121/210
E-mail: Science@nur.ac.rw

Website: http://www.fps.nur.ac.rw

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