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Faculty of Economics and Management – FEM

Welcome to The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM)at the National University of Rwanda.

FEM prepares students for exciting and challenging careers in Economics, Business Administration, Accounting, Statistics, Population Studies and Business Information Technology. Since 1963 we are the pioneers in economics and management education in Rwanda. Learners here challenges assumptions, think beyond visible limits, trained to be Proactive and Entrepreneurial.

Our enriching learning environment both within and outside classrooms regularly give students an opportunity to interact with professionals – both national and international. In partnership with the University the faculty has set-up a teaching philosophy that offers a multi-talented leadership potential to our students with an ultimate mission of "Turning Rwanda in to Entrepreneurial and Innovative Economy". Students are given hands on experience knowledge on policy, economics, business and financial analysis, statistical model building, and organizational performance analysis. Have you been looking for a place to develop your career in economics and management, the Faculty of Economics and Management at the National University of Rwanda is the ideal place. Welcome once again for the exciting journey

Prof. Rama B. Rao


Faculty of Economics and Management

Creativity, Innovation and Enterpreneurship

Vision: Becoming a Premier Faculty of NUR in Offering excellent education in Business, Economics and Statistics

Mission: Turning Rwanda in to an Entrepreneurial and Innovative Economy

The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM) is one of the oldest faculties began at the inception of the university in 1963 with few students. It is the largest faculty. In the beginning the faculty was known as Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Management (FSEG). In a bid of reorganization, in 2008 NUR formed The Faculty of Economics and Management (FEM), while Social sciences was shifted and Merged to form a new "Faculty of Arts, Media and Social Sciences(FAMSS).

FEM houses almost a quarter of the students in three departments by offering five undergraduate programs in Business Administration, Accounting, Business Information Technology, Economics and Applied Statistics with a wide choice of elective subjects. Besides it runs two graduate programs viz., M.Sc ICT Policy and Regulation and M.Sc Economics.

The Faculty has a cross cutting experience of interdisciplinary research and consultancy activities. The faculty is endowed with the expertise in socioeconomic development, finance, financial analysis, business management, applied statistics, demography and information technology applications. Socioeconomic studies take the lead followed by studies in the fields of financial management, accounting and entrepreneurship. The faculty undertook several socioeconomic studies .

The faculty members have in depth experience in conducting studies in the areas of investment portfolio analysis in the different sectors of the industry, agriculture and services. It has been working on land issues, water and natural resources management and environmental implications. Entrepreneurship modeling for Rwanda and rural energy strategies are the two major studies under the process funded by the research commission of the university.

Faculty members develop software to provide solutions for specific problems e.g. in the fields of administration, education and health services and have in depth knowledge of software installation, training operation and maintenance. This faculty expertise has been used extensively for the development of the university’s eLearning systems and the installation of management information systems and open source platforms. The faculty is an active participant in international networking projects e.g. AVOIR and the NetTel and has excellent expertise in running the complete eLearning masters programme on ICT Policy and Regulations for the telecommunication executives across the country.

The FEM within the purview of the NUR’s vision has a Long term vision of "Becoming premier faculty of NUR in the region" offering excellent education in Business, Information Technology, Accounting, Economics and Statistics. It aims to grow to the level of "College of Business, Economics and Statistics (CEBS)" within next five years.

Contact us:

Faculty of Economic and Management
Huye District
P.O.Box 117 Butare
Rwanda – East Africa
Tel: + 250 0252 530 849
Fax: +250 0252 530 121/210

Website: http://www.fem.nur.ac.rw

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