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Kigali Crafts

About us

Kigali Crafts is a social enterprise that trades fairly with Africa, with a view to expand into supporting other developing countries. We specialise in supporting Rwandan genocide survivors in order to help relieve poverty in this amazing country. Kigali Crafts currently financially supports over 65 Rwandan families.

We are an ethical and environmentally friendly company based in York. Our families make crafts using recycled and natural materials to support the environment. The products are hand made, and by trading with the families directly, we can ensure that they receive a living wage.

Kigali Crafts was inspired by an amazing woman called Habiba. Her entire family, except for her brother, were murdered during the Rwandan genocide. Since the founding of this social enterprise, her daughter now attends school and she has electricity in her home. Generous donations have helped us to buy Habiba a sewing machine. She has now completed a tayloring course and is able to make new products including bags and headscarves. As a consequence of this she feels that her life has value and worth, and she has hope for the future.

As Kigali Crafts has grown, we are now able to support women in Kigali and Rubavu, many who are orphans, HIV infected and rape survivors. Money from fair trade craft sales helps these single parent families to provide medical cards, education and food for their children. Medical cards help women to gain access to essential anti-retrovirals to control HIV and treatment of infections caused by sexual and physical assualt.

Kigali Crafts also works with invaluable charitys that support widows and genocide survivors. By linking women artisans to charities such as Faith Victory Association, they can get the essential trauma counselling that they need and the support to raise families as lone parents. We also help make links between children who are acting as head of household and the charities that can support them.

Thank you for visiting our site. Please buy our gorgeous Kigali Crafts products to support some amazing people.

Kigali Crafts Ltd.
York Hub, Popeshead Court, Peter Lane, York. YO1 8SU
Tel: +44 (0)7840 380352 | Email: kigalicrafts@gmail.com


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