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Biyinzika Enterprises Ltd


Biyinzika Enterprises Ltd has over the years been involved in the business of parent stock for the production of broiler and layer day old chicks and producing day old chicks. Incorporated in Uganda on 26th October 1990, the company has undergone steady development in the poultry sector in Uganda and currently produces 250, 000 broiler chicks and 90,000 layer chicks per week.


  • Production of Day-old chicks.
  • Production of specific food products such as Unimix for WFP (United Nations – World Food Programme).
  • Creation of job opportunities for Ugandans, Biyinzika employs about 50,000 people; 300 of them directly.
  • Provision of market to peasant farmers growing maize and Soya beans.
  • Provision of Training to local farmers on modern poultry farming

Poultry Production Facilities

Being a key player in the poultry industry in Uganda, Biyinzika Enterprises Ltd owns two large farms for its poultry production needs. Kigunga farm located about 20 km outside the Capital city Kampala is the major production centre for the company, and Kabembe farm is 34 km from Kampala City. The Company has expanded with two hatcheries situated in both farms with a Total capacity of 1,620,000 and weekly setting of 540,000 eggs.


  • A feed mill with capacity of 5 tones per hour. The present total feed consumption is about 6,000 tones per year.
  • A staff house of 400 square meters.
  • Office block.
  • 6 stand by generators to ensure that power is always available at the hatchery.

The poultry farm has four boreholes and a reserve tank of 60,000 liters. Presently Biyinzika Enterprises Ltd’s daily water requirements of 100,000 liters are supplied through the borehole situated on the farm.


Parent Stock Chicken

We also sell the Parent stock of our chicken

Edible Oil (Bi Product)

The company now produces pure vegetable oil as a bye product from the extrusion of Soya using the oil press.

Fortified corn and Soya blend (CSB)

Biyinzika Produces Unimix (Corn Soya Blend) fortified with Vitamins and Minerals. In 2001, extruders to make Soya blend were installed with an operating capacity of 20 metric tones per day.  The capacity has further gone up to 150 Metric tons per day in the past four years.

Day Old Chicks

We have been able to build a sizable clientele base which currently stands at a market share of 50-60% in supplying day old chicks in Uganda.

Contact us

For any inquiries, comments and transactions, contact Biyinzika Enterprises Limited using the Addresses below;

Head Office in Uganda
Plot 3, Johnston Street,
P.O.Box 5618 Kampala, Uganda

Tel: 0414 259 519 /  0312 277 221
Fax: 0414 343 268
E-mail: bel@biyinzika.co.ug

Office in Rwanda:


Mr. Patrick R. Mutumba

Managing Director

Tel: +250 784 626 637




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