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Free advertising

Enjoy Rwanda offers free advertising (*) on this website for businesses based in Rwanda, or for companies who do business in Rwanda, like:
hotels / lodges / bars / discoteques / restaurants / shops / property / investment / artists / musicians etc.

Feel free to apply for a free advertisement on our website, just fill out the form and sent it to us.
We try to send you an e-mail, as quick as possible, with the answer whether your request is granted or not.
After acceptance we will ask you to send us your advertising text and/or pictures that will be used for your ad on our website.

What should you do to get this advertisement for free? 
We ask you to give us a return link on your website (you can link back to your page on our website) using one of the logo's you can find here:


The reason for that is quite simple. By interlinking we both get a better position in the search engines on the web, so we both benefit from this. As long as you keep the link to our website, your advertisement will be on our website.

If you have additional questions or remarks, please let us know.

(*) Unfortunately we cannot guarantee that your advertisement will be accepted! If your application is not filled in correctly, or we have our doubts about the answers, we are free to refuse your advertisement.


Fill in this form when you want to apply for a free advertisement.

In order to apply for free advertising please use this form.

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